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Sooostyle is :

An e-commerce site that offers you to complete your look by suggesting, from a first item chosen in the site or in your wardrobe, a range of complementary items coordinated or to associate.

You can build your 3D avatar and visualize the rendering of the outfits recommended by the algorithm on your virtual double.

The tool allows you to view 3 outfits simultaneously to choose the one that suits you best, while ensuring that they respect the standards of elegance and style.

Alicia is our muse and shopping advisor. She tells you which outfit meets the criteria you have entered. It also shows you the one that reflects the latest trends and the one that corresponds to a timeless style.

You can save the outfits you like into your favorites and ask Alicia to suggest other combinations, as many times as you like.

With the choice of a dress for example (basic model), you will be suggested a jacket, a vest, scarf, belt, shoes or jewels for instance. The accessories and combined clothes could resume either the style, the color, all or part of the design, all or part of the material of the dress. You will be able to choose several clothes and accessories to be associated with the dress.


You can build your complete wardrobe consisting of a series of basic models and their complementary items. Sets are built with as many variants as desired. A single dress for example can thus give rise to different combinations. We’re not bored.

Frequent change of attire becomes accessible, at a lower cost.

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